Curriculum Vitae


Mr. Farouk Bin Othman

  • Senior Lecturer

  • Taylor's Culinary Institute
    Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management
  •    0356295000


I’m inspired to be my best and rejuvenated through success stories; A success that achieved today is an archive for tomorrow; Having spent 15 years in hospitality industry, focusing in culinary arts has made me a specialist in my career. Every sensory aspect of food is curated, carefully thought through; selected to create an intimate connection and thus creating an emotional impact. Throughout the 5th year journey I have acquired in Taylor’s University has made me discover and explore even more boundaries. I came in to Taylor’s family as a lecturer after a fruitful success in representing Malaysia in world’s most renowned culinary Olympics, The Bocuse D’or competition. I was named the top 24 best Chefs in the World in 2009; soon to realize it’s time for me teach others. Delivering and sharing my success story to students has been a keen success to my role as a lecturer. We are passionate, that every competition practice is an opportunity to meet the unique needs of the judges, up to understanding at a personal level. Students are thought to be empathetic, empowered, professional and unobtrusive. The tasks involve managing time between academic classes where practices of food preparation is done on weekly basis. It also involve in creating a motivational environment and spiritual preparation for any competition enrolled. This is to ensure the students behavior, emotional feelings and psychological attribute is in control.  We go out of our way to provide personal touches and personalized effort to surprise and delight judges and audience on every competition we go through without reminding them of our yesterday’s success. Acquiring knowledge and experience in culinary competitions,

I strived my best yearly to educate in mentoring students to not just participate, but to win in culinary competitions that is organized. The key towards succeeding in this element is to continuously innovate and never let yesterday’s success become more sophisticated than our future. I have continuously coached students, batch after batch, semester after semester, year after year, consistently making them champion of champions. This success story begins in 2011 as follow;

  • Coached Foo Ee Lyn for 5th Nestle Culinary Awards – 1st Prize - Champion

  • Coached Foo Ee Lyn for Malaysian Selection in 41st World Skills, London 2011 Selection

  • Coached eight Degree & Diploma students for Penang Battle of the Chefs – 1 Gold, 4 Silver & 8 Bronze Medals

  • Coached Thirushann & Micheal Bates for MLA Pencil box Challenge - 1st Gold & 2nd Silver Prize - Champion

  • Coached twelve students for 12th Food & Hotel Malaysia-Salon Culinaire – 1 Gold, 4 Silver & 6 Bronze Medals - Best Apprentice Award

in 2012 as follow;

  • Coached Chen Kim Leun for 6th Nestle Culinary Awards – 1st Prize – Champion

  • Coached Chen Kim Leun for 9th ASEAN Skills Competition, Jakarta, Indonesia – Gold Medal

in 2013 as follow;

  • Coached Barcspain Nea for 7th Nestle Culinary Awards – 1st Prize – Champion

  • Coached Chen Kim Leun for 42nd World Skills Competition-Leipzig, Germany – Medallion of Excellence & Best of Nation Award

  • Coached & Team Manager for the Gourmet Team Challenge at the 13th Food & Hotel Malaysia-Salon Culinaire – 1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal

  • Coached 3 other students in Apprentice category at the 13th Food & Hotel Malaysia Salon Culinaire – 1 Gold & 2 Silver Medal

  • Overall team advisor for Taylor’s Culinary Team competing at the 13th Food & Hotel Malaysia-Salon Culinaire – 24 Medals Won in Total


     in 2014 as follow;

  • Coached Ashwin Nicholas for 8th Nestle Culinary Awards – 1st Prize – Champion

  • Coached Ashwin Nicholas for the 10th ASEAN Skills Competition, Hanoi, Vietnam – Gold Medal & Best of Nation Award

    & in 2015 as follow;

  • Coached Ashwin Nicholas for the 1st Young Chef Olympiad Competition-Kolkata, India – 1st Prize – Champion

  • Coached Ashwin Nicholas for 43rd World Skills Competition-Sao Paolo, Brazil - Current

  • Coached Ashman, Zack Zhong Kheng & Zarif for World Skills Malaysia (Youth)-Johor, Malaysia - Current

In addition to these successes throughout the years, I’ve managed my time completing my Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Management by University of Toulouse 2 Le Mirail, France completed at Taylor’s University Lakeside campus; graduated in May 2012. From representing Malaysia as a candidate, I’ve transformed my attributes to mentoring students to represent Malaysia in Culinary Competitions.

Along the journey in Taylor’s University, I’ve evolve myself in research and conferences ground. I successfully present a paper in the 3rd Asia-Euro Conferences, that was held in Taylor’s University December 2010. Simple article write up was also published in local magazines and online article posts such in,, and others, titling “why red meat is red and why white meat is white”. I’ve also conducted workshops yearly for Advanced Diploma students based on this subject, educating an in depth understanding such character in meats before handling them.


At the end of 2011, I was selected to present and conduct workshop on Introduction to Halal Cuisine in Macao, China to all the participating Hotel Food and Beverage personnel. Invitation came through Taylor’s University & Macao Government Tourism Office. This has leads my deep interests in halal industry despite my Masters dissertation, focusing in Halal Gastronomy and Certification issues. In 2014, I’m certified as a Halal Trainer endorsed by Halal Development Corporation (HDC) and a Module Leader for Basic Halal Practice subject that carries 3 credits for Diploma in Culinary Arts students. Hence, in conjunction with the Olympics 2020 in Japan, I have been appointed by HDC under the direction of Japan Tourism Agency under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism as an official Halal Chef Trainer to educate and uplift Halal awareness in Japan. The project has been launched at The Hattori Nutrition College, Tokyo, Japan in 14th September 2014. The aim is to cater for Muslim tourist and to provide a Muslim friendly host country on the upcoming Olympic sports event in 2020.


I’ve also been appointed as an official National Expert & Coach at the 2013 42nd World Skills Competition in Leipzig, Germany & 2015 43rd World Skills Competition in Sao Paolo, Brazil for Malaysian Team in Cooking category directed by the Ministry of Human Resources under supervision of Department of Skills Development agency. Along with this position, I’ve been appointed as Honorary Jury Expert at the 9th & 10th ASEAN Skills Competition that was held in 2012 at Jakarta, Indonesia & 2014 at Hanoi, Vietnam.          


I cannot do many great things all the time, but could deliver small things with great passion and lots of love in it. In example, my theoretical classes students been exposed with video case study as part of their learning development /assessment. A Docu-Drama video is also shown in classroom to enhance learning value for student to achieve an optimum understanding of the subject undertaken. This is an approach celebrating our initiative in E-learning and blended learning pedagogy. Practical classes are conducted based on lead by example as demo is shown at the beginning of a class before students execute their planned recipes. Recipe books (in lined with our subject file) from authorized author is used as reference in recipes that is prepared in class. Students will not be allow to cook unless pre-planned recipe is produced before class. Group work is often encouraged of stimulate attentiveness and cooperation among classmates. Hygiene and safety is paramount in all practical classes. Students are enforced to serve hot food and cold food in their most appropriate temperature to avoid contamination. That’s my commitment in inspiring others to be at their level best. Because I could buy their physical presence at any given time, or even their muscular motions per hour, but I know I have to earn their loyalty, hearts and enthusiasm. All in for a better future generations that accuired skills & knowledge in the culinary globalisation.
  • Senior Lecturer I, Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management, 01/11/2009 to present
  • Maters Degree, Taylor's University, Malaysia
  • Bsc (Hons) Degree In Culinary Arts, THAMES VALLEY UNIVERSITY, United Kingdom
  • Diploma In Culinary Arts, UNITAR, Malaysia
  • Cert In European Gourment& Pastry, Domino Cartlon Tivoli, -
  • Certificate In Hotel Management, NPC, Malaysia
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  • PD day 2 (TCHT Only), Research, 24/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
  • HTCA PD Day 1, Research, 12/01/2017 to 13/01/2017