Curriculum Vitae


Associate Professor Dr Joaquim Miguel Dias Soeiro

  • Head of School - School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events

  • School of Hosp,Tourism & Events
    Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management
  •    +60356295589

  • Head of School, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, 01/07/2019 to present
  • Head of Department , Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management, 01/03/2017 to 30/06/2019
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) (Hospitality and Tourism), TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY, Malaysia
  • Professional Master in International Tourism & HM, Taylors University, Malaysia
  • Bachelor in Catering Management, UNIVERSITY OF TOULOUSE, France
  • Introductory Sommeliers Certificate, COURT OF MASTER SOMMELIERS, United Kingdom
  • International Certification in Wines & Spirits, TAYLOR'S COLLEGE, Malaysia
  • PATA Malaysia Chapter (PMC), Member, 2019 to 2021 (National)
  • SOMLAY, Sommelier Association of Malaysia, Associate member, 2014 to 2021 (National)
  • Continuing Professional Education (Wine Training and Professional Development)
  • OBE in hospitality and culinary arts (experiential learning)
(Title of publication in APA style)
Book Chapter
  • Kunasekaran, P., Ari Ragavan, N., & Dias Soeiro, J. (2022). Women empowerment and tourism development of Dayak community in Sarawak, Malaysia. In J.A. Jawan (Ed), Tan Sri Empiang Jabu Research Chair Occasional Paper 1, Dayak women and development (pp. 81-96). Serdang: Universiti Putra Malaysia Press.
  • Dias Soeiro, J. & Amirnuddin, P. S. (2022). Gamification, Learning, and the Acquisition of 21st Century Skills Amongst Malaysian Law Students. In Lane, C. A. (Ed). Handbook of Research on Acquiring 21st Century Literacy Skills Through Game-Based Learning. IGI Global.
  • DiasSoeiro, J. (2021). Studying Wine in Non-Wine-Producing Countries: How Are Southeast Asian Students Coping With Their Learning?. In C. Kahl (Ed.), Higher Education Challenges in South-East Asia (pp. 99-117). IGI Global. doi: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4489-1.ch005
  • Balasubramanian K., Soeiro, J. D. & Garg, A. (2017). An Exploratory Study about Students Learning Capabilities in Today’s Pedagogic Trends based on Gender Differences. In V. Rana (Eds.) Trends, Issues and Women in Hospitality and Tourism Industry (pp. 56-61). Mehsana, India: RET International Academic Publishing
Article in Journals
  • Ahn, J. & Dias Soeiro, J. (2021). Exploring the role of intrinsic and extrinsic CSR attributes for customers’ positive behavioural intention in the hotel industry. Social Responsibility Journal (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Dias Soeiro, J. (2018). An investigation of Malaysian wine connoisseurs’ socio-cultural implications during their learning path. Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism, 7(2), 85-101. (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • DiasSoeiro, J. (2018). An exploration of learning constructs of Asian students during wine tasting class: a proposed framework. Journal of education and social sciences, 9(1), 7-13.
  • DiasSoeiro, J. and Balasubramanian, K. (2016). Confucians in the 21st Century Skills: an educational study of the readiness of the students in today’s pedagogic trends. Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 4(2), 140-144
Article in Proceeding
  • Luo, Y., Dias Soeiro, J., & Rasoolimanesh, S. M. (2021). Sustainable Tourism Development: Affecting Factors Following The Social Exchange Theory In Chinese Tourism Industry. In CRiT (Ed), Proceedings of Postgraduate Research Colloquium (PGRC) 2021 (pp. 31-41). Taylor’s University, Malaysia.
  • DiasSoeiro, J. and Balasubramanian, K. (2018). An exploratory study on the role of blended learning practices to achieve 21st century skills among culinary students at university in Malaysia. in Tang, S.F. and Cheah, S.E. (Eds.). Redesigning learning for greater social impact. Paper presented at Taylor's 9th Teaching and Learning Conference 2016, Subang Jaya (pp 149-158). Singapore: Springer.
  • DiasSoeiro, J. (2012). From drinking to tasting: an exploration amongst Malaysian wine connoisseur. In Zainal, A., Radzi, S.M., Hashim, R., Chik, C.T. and Abu (Eds.). Current issues in hospitality and tourism: research and innovations. Paper presented at The International Hospitality and Tourism 2012 Conference, kuala Lumpur (pp. 281-285). London: Taylor's and Francis.
Mass Media(Newspaper,Radio,TV,Popular Magazine)
  • DiasSoeiro, J. (2021, May 09). A new frontier for tourism. Star Online.
  • DiasSoeiro, J. (2020, December 17). Adding creativity to online classes. NST Online.
(Project title),(Role),(Duration),(Level)
  • Developing and validating a Sustainability Scale for hotels in Malaysian context , Project Leader, 2021 to 2023 (National)
  • Potentials of tourism development among the Dayak women in Sarawak, Project Leader, 2020 to 2022 (National)
  • Potentials of tourism development among the Dayak women in Sarawak, Co-researcher, 2020 to 2022 (National)
  • Innovative technique in studying contextual eating behaviour, Co-researcher, 2017 to 2020 (Taylor's University)
(Project title),(Organisation),(Duration),(Role),(Level)
  • REBIRTH Project, Lyceum of the Philippines University, 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021, Project Management Team (International)
  • WSET level 2 training: - WSET trainer since 2009 - 3 days training programme, 3 to 4 times a year - Wine knowledge on grape growing process, wine making processes, wine tasting, grape varietal description, geographical descriptions, classifications and vineyard practices and particularities. - Certification from WSET London, UK. Contributions: - training and certification for professional staff - awareness and eye opener for non industry related staff - discovery and business orientations for new comers, CPE, T-Consult - Continuing Professional Education, Taylor's University, 02/02/2009 to 10/11/2017, WSET Trainer (Private/Industrial Sector)
(Title of Thesis),(Name of Candidates),(Academic Level),(Role)
  • GERALDINE ANNE TAN WERN YI  (Main Supervisor)
  • WANG HUANHUAN  (Main Supervisor)
  • LUO YANJUN  (Main Supervisor)
  • LYDIA KONG BOW YAN  (Main Supervisor)
  • YANG XIAOYAN  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • CRYSTAL YIP YOKE LIN  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • ZHAO YING  (Main Supervisor)
(Title),(Event),(Date Presented),(Organiser),(Level)
  • Teaching culinary and hospitality, is it really experiential learning? An observational study amongst lecturers at a Malaysian university, Taylor's 10th Teaching and Learning Conference 2017, 30/09/2017 to 01/10/2017, Taylor's University (International)
  • An exploratory study on the role of blended learning practices to achieve 21st century skills among culinary students at university in Malaysia, Taylor's 9th Teaching and Learning Conference, 12/11/2016 to 13/11/2016, Taylor's University, Subang Jaya (International)
  • Confucians in the 21st Century Skills: an educational study of the readiness of the students in today s pedagogic trends, 4th Kuala Lumpur International Communication Education Language & Social Science Conference, 23/07/2016 to 24/07/2016, ZES Rokman Resources (National)
  • Teaching oenology to Malaysian undergraduates: pedagogic or socio-cultural challenges, an investigation amongst bachelor students., 9th Graduate Research Colloquium, 16/05/2015 to 16/05/2015, Taylor's Graduate School (University)
  • The motivation factors behind Malaysian consumer choice in drinking wine., Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality in Asia, (COSTA), 26/04/2015 to 28/04/2015, The PRESDA Foundation (International)
  • From drinking to tasting: an investigation into the diffusion of foreign social and cultural dimension amongst Malaysians in the pursuit of becoming wine connoisseur., International Hospitality and Tourism Conference 2012, 03/09/2012 to 05/09/2012, Faculty of Hotel Tourism and Management (UITM) - ( (National)
  • When behaviours confront profiles: a study of wine drinking consumers in Tampere, Finland., Asian Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) conference, 14/05/2015 to 17/05/2015, APTA (National)
  • An exploratory study about students learning capabilities in today s pedagogic trends based on gender differences, ICHT 2017 conference, 20/01/2017 to 21/01/2017, Graphic Era University (International)
(Course Title),(Course Mode),(Date/Duration),(Level)
  • Experiential Learning Workshop, Research, 19/05/2017 to 19/05/2017
  • Taylor's University PODz Moderator Training with Clara Villa, Research, 10/04/2017 to 10/04/2017
  • PD day 2 (TCHT Only), Research, 24/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
  • HTCA PD Day 1, Research, 12/01/2017 to 13/01/2017