Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Sophea Prum is a specialist on AI. Her research focuses on image/video processing, document image processing, handwriting recognition, object detection/recognition/tracking, machine learning and deep learning.

She was a research engineer at Mimos (National R&D center of ICT) in Malaysia from August 2015 to June 2018. She used to work researcher and assistant lecturer at Laboratory of Information, Image and Interaction (L3i), University of La Rochelle (France) from 2012 to 2015.

She received her engineering degree in computer science from Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in 2008. She received her Master and PhD degrees respectively in 2009 and 2013 from University of La Rochelle.

  • Doctorate, UNIVERSITY OF LA ROCHELLE, France
  • Engineering Degree, CAMBODIA INSTITUTION OF TECHNOLOGY, Cambodia
  • Image/Video processing (Object detection, Object recognition, Image segmenation, Object Tracking, Medical image processing)
  • Document image processing (Text recognition, Handwriting recognition, Line segmenation, Page Layout segmentation, Document image enhancement, Document security, Information retrieval)
  • Machine Learning (SVM, HMM, Neural Network, Deep Learning)
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Article in Proceeding
  • Sophea PRUM, Dini Oktarina Dwi Handayani, Patrice Boursier Abnormal Cervical Cell Detection using HoG Descriptor and SVM Classifier, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Authorization , 26/10/2018 to 28/12/2018, Taylor's University
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  • Sophea PRUM Text-zone detection and rectification in document images captured by smartphone, COMPSE 2016 - 1st EAI International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering, 11/11/2016, Penang, Malaysia (SCOPUS-Indexed)
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  • Nibal Nayef, Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman, Sophea Prum, Sébastien Eskenazi, Joseph Chazalon, Jean-Marc Ogier: SmartDoc-QA: A dataset for quality assessment of smartphone captured document images - single and multiple distortions. ICDAR 2015: 1231-1235 (SCOPUS-Indexed)
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