Curriculum Vitae


Dr Kong Yeo Lee

  • Senior Lecturer II

  • SLAS-Department of Liberal Arts & Humanities
    Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Science (Physics), UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Master of Science (Applied Physics), UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics), UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN, UK, United Kingdom
  • Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) Biometrics Council, Member, 2020 to 2022 (International)
  • Institut Fizik Malaysia (IFM), Life member, 2019 to present (National)
  • Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nanotechnology Council, Member, 2019 to 2022 (International)
  • Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (Asia & Pacific Region), Annual Member, 2019 to 2022 (International)
(Course Title),(Level of Study),(Institution),(Month/Year)
  • Engineering Problem Solving, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (05/2019)
  • Thermodynamics, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (05/2019)
  • Physics for Science & Engineering, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (05/2019)
  • Engineering Graphics, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (08/2019)
  • Basic Mechanics (Statics), Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (08/2019)
(Title of publication in APA style)
Article in Journals
  • M.A. Saleemi, Y.L. Kong, P.V.C. Yong, E.H. Wong. An Overview of Antimicrobial Properties of Carbon Nanotubes-Based Nanocomposites. Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, doi: 10.34172/apb.2022.049 (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • M.A. Saleemi, Y.L. Kong, P.V.C. Yong, E.H. Wong, (2020). An overview of recent development in therapeutic drug carrier system using carbon nanotubes, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 59, 101855. (ISI-Indexed)
  • Y. L. Kong, S. V. Muniandy, K. Sulaiman and M. S. Fakir (2016). Random fractal surface analysis of disordered organic thin films. Thin Solid Films, 623, 147–156. (ISI-Indexed)
  • Y. L. Kong, S. V. Muniandy, M. S. Fakir, and K. Sulaiman (2014). Morphological image interpretation of organic nickel(II) phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium film using fractal analysis. Applied Surface Science, 301, 363–368. (ISI-Indexed)
Article in Proceeding
  • Y. L. Kong, S. V. Muniandy, and K. Sulaiman (2015). Evaluation of Charge Transport In A Percolating Network of Disordered Organic Thin Films. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1657, 100001. (ISI-Indexed)
  • Y. L. Kong, S. V. Muniandy, M. S. Fakir, and K. Sulaiman (2014). Fractal Analysis of Morphological Image of Organic phthalocyanine tetrafulfonic acid tetrasodium (TsNiPc) Film. Advanced Materials Research, 895, 407-410. (ISI-Indexed)
  • Y. L. Kong, S. V. Muniandy, M. S. Fakir, and K. Sulaiman (2013). Image Interpretation of PhthalocyanineTetrasulfonic Acid Tetrasodium (TsNiPc) Thin Film Using Fractal Analysis. Solar Energy Materials, Solar Cells & Solar Energy Applications, 241-246. (ISI-Indexed)