Associate Professor Dr Choo Hui Leng

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy, QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY OF BELFAST, United Kingdom
  • Master of Science in Polymer Engineering, QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY OF BELFAST, United Kingdom
  • Advanced Diploma in Technology, TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN COLLEGE, Malaysia
  • Diploma in Technology, TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN COLLEGE, Malaysia

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering Sciences, Manufacturing And Production Engineering, Additive Manufacturing
  • Engineering Sciences, Manufacturing And Production Engineering, Polymer Processing
  • Material Sciences, Advanced Materials, Composite Materials

Research Interest

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Polymer and Polymer Composites


  • Pore parameter selection for fused deposition modeling of gas diffusion layers in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Applied Polymer Science - Article in Journals
  • Simulation of UVC disinfection system in healthcare settings (SCOPUS-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
  • Development and Analysis of an Optimized Heat Source Model for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Using Numerical Simulation (SCOPUS-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
  • A review on gas diffusion layer in proton exchange membrane fuel cell: Materials and manufacturing (ISI-Indexed), Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture - Article in Journals
  • A comprehensive review of Cervical Cancer Screening Devices: the pros and the cons (SCOPUS-Indexed), Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention - Article in Journals
  • Enhancement of wood filled polymer by microwave induced heat treatment (SCOPUS-Indexed), Materials Today: Proceedings - Article in Journals
  • Design and development of an automated glove inspection machine (SCOPUS-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
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  • Additively Manufactured Patient Specific Cranioplasty Implants with Antibacterial Properties (SCOPUS-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
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  • Oil Palm Wastes as Sustainable Sound Absorbing Particleboard (SCOPUS-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
  • FEM-based virtual manufacturing for deformation analysis of coupled welding-forming process (SCOPUS-Indexed), Journal of Mechanical Engineering (JMechE) - Article in Journals
  • Development of Bead Modelling for Distortion Analysis Induced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing using FEM and Experiment (SCOPUS-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
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  • Numerical study on load-bearing capabilities of beam-like lattice structures with three different unit cells (ISI-Indexed), International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design - Article in Journals
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging Technology: 3D Printing in China - Book
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  • Wood plastic composites made from corn husk fiber and recycled polystyrene foam (SCOPUS-Indexed), Journal of Engineering Science and Technology - Article in Journals
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  • Burst strength of carbon fibre reinforced polyethylene strip pipeline repair system - a numerical and experimental approach (SCOPUS-Indexed), Journal of Composite Materials - Article in Journals
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  • Measurement & modelling of slip during plug-assisted thermoforming (SCOPUS-Indexed), Key Engineering Materials - Article in Journals
  • Measurement of polymer-to-polymer contact friction in thermoforming (SCOPUS-Indexed), Polymer Engineering & Science - Article in Journals
  • Measurement of heat transfer for thermoforming simulation (SCOPUS-Indexed), International Journal of Material Forming - Article in Journals


  • Heat Source Modelling and Grain Size Algorithm for Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing on Thick Wall Structure ,  Project Leader2021 to 2024, National
  • Multi-use Illuminated Cervical Sampling Device (PapLight Pro) and Artificial Intelligence-driven Pap Smear Image Analysis,  Co-researcher2019 to 2022, National
  • Preparation and characterisation of polyvinyl alcohol with natural hydroxyapatite from fish bone as biocomposite nanomaterial,  Co-researcher2018 to 2020, Taylor's University
  • Fabrication of Porous Metallic Materials by Controlling the Processing Parameters in Selective Laser Melting Process,  Project Leader2018 to 2020, Taylor's University

Awards and Stewardship

  • RITEC 2021, Exhibition/Invention, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn (UTHM), Silver Award , 2021
  • 4th Advanced Innovation & Engineering Exhibition (AiNEX 2021), Exhibition/Invention, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Bronze Medal , 2021
  • 10th International Conference on Isotopes 2020, Conference, Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia), Best Poster Award , 2020
  • International Innovation Invention Creation Exhibition (IIICE) 2019, Exhibition/Invention, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM), Gold Award , 2019

Paper Presented

  • Development and Analysis of an Optimized Heat Source Model for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Using Numerical Simulation, 2024 1st International Conference on Robotics, Engineering, Science, and Technology (RESTCON) (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 16/02/2024 to 18/02/2024
  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing, 1st International Health and Medical Sciences Conference 2019 (CONFERENCE), INVITED SPEAKER , 08/03/2019 to 09/03/2019
  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing, 18th Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics (AOCMP) & 16th South-East Asia Congress of Medical Physics (SEACOMP) (CONFERENCE), INVITED SPEAKER , 11/11/2018 to 14/11/2018
  • Finite element analysis and experimental study of plastic lattice structures manufactured by selective laser sintering, 1st International Conference on Materials Design and Applications (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 30/06/2016 to 01/07/2016