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Ms. Indrani A/P Kopal

Indrani Kopal is an award-winning filmmaker, a Fulbright scholar and the founder and executive director of Far East Documentary Centre in Malaysia. She is a former video journalist at Malaysiakini.com, a prestigious online news organization in Malaysia and one of the first to initiate web video to cover daily news and news features of current issues in Malaysia.

Her documentary 'The Game Changer' was screened at 17 international festivals and won multiple awards, including the best documentary award at the 2014 Harlem International Film Festival and at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase 2015 in Cannes, France. In 2018 she was awarded the Mira Nair Award for Rising Female Filmmaker at the Harlem International Film Festival for her feature length documentary 'Incarcerated Rhythm'. Currently, Indrani is finishing another feature length biography film, produced by her friend and longtime collaborator Kat Khalid (Radhikal Films) that explores the sensibility, temperament and aesthetics of the acclaimed Malaysian photographer Ismail Hashim.

She founded Far East Documentary Centre in 2016 and formed a biography film project to support the fact that the sharing of our personal stories remind us that we are not alone. She believes it is through the process of documentary that our mundane stories become profound. Indrani Kopal often employs various filmmaking methodologies such as participatory video and video diaries that allow members of the community to engage within their own story and find their own narrative.

Indrani Kopal is also a senior Lecturer at Taylor’s University. Her primary research interests focus on biographical films as cultural memory and national identity.

Indrani is a recipient of:

• 2019 Asia Tatler's Generation T, Malaysian honouree
• 2018 Mira Nair Award for Rising Female Filmmaker for "Incarcerated Rhythm"
• 2016 AGNI Youth Icon Award.
• 2015 Kalai Payanam Award, Certificate for International Achievement.
• 2015 Great Women Of Our Time Award for "Arts & Media" by The Malaysian Women's Weekly Magazine.
• 2015 Best Student Documentary Award at The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes, France.
• 2014 Bustle's Annual Upstart Award.
• 2014 Best Short Documentary at 9th Annual Harlem International Film Festival, New York.
• 2012-2014 Fulbright Malaysian Graduate Study And Research Scholarship Award.
• 2010 George Washington University 2010 International Emerging Documentary Filmmakers Fellowship.
• 2008 Most Outstanding Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA) Award, Runner up.
• 2007 Justin Louis Award in Freedom Film Festival, Film 'She's My Son'

Film Festival Jury (2016 - Present):

2020 BMW Shorties Film Festival
2019 BMW Shorties Film Festival 
2018 New Hope for Malaysia Video Contest (IACT Student Film Festival 2018)
2018 Malaysian Indian Wedding Photography and Videography (MIWPV) Competition
2018 Freedom Film Festival
2017 Pesta Filem Kita
2016 Freedom Film Festival
2016 Agni Film Award

Academic Qualification

  • Master of Fine Arts, HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY, United States
  • Bachelor of Multimedia Communications (Hons), OPEN UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA, Malaysia

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Social Sciences, Media And Communications, Broadcasting
  • Social Sciences, Media And Communications, Journalism
  • Social Sciences, Media And Communications, Film Directing

Research Interest

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  • Taylor's 50th Journey - Documentary Short
  • Incarcerated Rhythm, Far East Production - Documentary Film (Feature)
  • Inclusion Equals Love, The Inclusive Outdoor Classroom - Documentary Film
  • The Garden (USA , 2017), Bunday Production - Film Poem
  • Saving Malaysia, Freedom Film Network - Documentary Film
  • Dr Hartini Zainudin | Her World Woman of the Year 201 ( FIVE PART SERIES ), WOMEN:girls & Her World - Mass Media(Newspaper,Radio,Tv,Popular Magazine)
  • Teacher, The Tradition Bearer, Far East Production - Documentary (Biography Film)
  • Before The Trees Was Strange, Bunday Production - Documentary Film
  • KataKatha: The Conversation, KataKatha: The Conversation - Documentary Film
  • An Artist in Search (Bahamas, 2017, 11 min), Bunday Production - Documentary Short
  • "Chaos in Motion" Poetry Film, PUSAKA, Maybank Kim Eng & Maybank Foundation - Poetry Film Essay - Exhibition Video
  • The Game Changer (2014, USA), Hofstra University - Documentary Film
  • Unafraid of The Shadows (2013, USA), Hofstra University - Documentary Film
  • The Tale of Three Women's Struggle for Justice and Equality, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Living Jazz with Bill Saxton, Hofstra University, New York, USA - Documentary Film
  • The people's voice: The usage of video in grassroots journalism, Open University Malaysia (OUM) & CJ.MY - Documentary Film
  • A tale of malice or negligence?, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Mek Jah Deris: The Last Mak Yong Prima Donna, Malaysiakini.tv & Pusaka - Digital Media
  • Tumbuk Estate: How long more to wait?, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Bukit Jalil Estate: Meeting comes to naught, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Coalfield Estate: Once tenants now squatters, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Citizen Journalist Malaysia 2010, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Heard of under-crowded school?, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Part 1| Deleted from victors' history: The other freedom fighters, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Part 2| 'Penans will die if jungle is destroyed', Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • Kg Buah Pala- pawn in a political game, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media
  • The Plight of Sri Lankan Refugees, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Love ... in despair, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • The forgotten Malaysians, Malaysiakini.TV & Engage Media - Digital Media
  • 'They stole 11 months from me', Malaysiakini.tv & Engage Media - Digital Media
  • no25|Behind the revolt, Malaysiakini.TV & Engage Media - Digital Media
  • Revisiting the '88 Judiciary Crisis, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • School Kids Expelled for Not Having Birth Certs, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Bersih Rally 2007: A cry for royal help, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Used and forgotten: A hard life, now a harder future, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Muslim or Hindu? A family ripped apart, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Remnants of the past: The Forgotten residents of Bukit Jalil Estate, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Fracas at the Temple, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Bonded labourers in our midst, Malaysiakini.TV & Engage Media - Digital Media
  • Woes of retrenched estate workers, Malaysiakini.TV - Digital Media
  • Broken deities and hammered faith, Malaysiakini TV (www.kinitv.com) - Digital Media


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Awards and Stewardship

  • Fulbright Scholarship, Special, Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y, Fellowship , 2012

Paper Presented

  • Second Chance: Choreographing the Rhythm of Freedom through Dance Rehabilitation by Formerly Incarcerated Men (Presented by Indrani Kopal and Professor Dr. Michael James Keppell), The 6th SEARCH International Conference 2019 (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 27/06/2019 to 27/06/2019