Dr Jesrina Ann Xavier

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Masters in Management, UNIVERSITY MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Economics in Management, UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA, Malaysia

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Economics, Business And Management, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Economics, Business And Management, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Studies

Research Interest

  • Entrepreneurial Studies, Development Studies


  • Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: A Conceptual Framework (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Social Entreprenuership - Article in Journals
  • Assessing ethnic business sustainability in transgenerational succession (ISI-Indexed), Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration - Article in Journals
  • When your next of kin is not keen, Focus Malaysia - Digital Media
  • What it takes to sustain a social enterprise during a pandemic, Marketing Magazine - Digital Media
  • Home-Based Digital Entrepreneurs' Social Media Use: Identifying the Success Factors (SCOPUS-Indexed), Journal of Content, Community & Communication - Article in Journals
  • Disparity in the progress of ethnic Indian enterprises: a study on transgenerational succession in Malaysia (ISI-Indexed), Asian Ethnicity - Article in Journals
  • Chatting with Dr Jesrina Ann Xavier & Anna Matthew, https://emakayah.com/2020/10/14/chatting-with-dr-jesrina-ann-xavier-anna-matthew/ - Digital Media
  • Ok Boomer. Ok Gen Z. Lets Talk, https://www.businesstoday.com.my/2020/10/28/ok-boomer-ok-gen-z-lets-talk/ - Digital Media
  • Still An Ethnic Enterprise After A Generational Change?: Indian-Owned Small Medium Enterprises in Malaysia (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Southeast Asian Studies - Article in Journals
  • Ethnic Enterprises, Class Resources and Market Conditions: Indian-owned SMEs in Malaysia (SCOPUS-Indexed), Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies - Article in Journals


  • The Success Factor of Student Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Knowledge, informal Collaborative and Digital Competence,  Co-researcher2020 to 2021, National
  • Predictive Analytics using Sentiment Analysis in Social Media: A big data approach to persuasive communications in Social Media Intelligence of Palm Oil Exports. ,  Co-researcher2019, National
  • Succession Planning & Generational Change: An Analysis of Ageing Entrepreneurs in Malaysia,  Project Leader2017 to 2021, Taylor's University
  • Succession planning & generational change: An analysis of ageing entrepreneurs in Malaysia,  Project Leader2017 to 2021, Taylor's University

Awards and Stewardship

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Paper Presented

  • Managing Stakeholders in a Crisis: Pre-Pandemic, During a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic, Business, Law and Management at the Post-Pandemic Era: An International e-Conference (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 11/07/2020 to 12/07/2020
  • Linking Human Capital Development, Tacit Knowledge and Ethnic Business Sustainability through Transgenerational Succession, SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 10/01/2020 to 11/01/2020