Ms. Malarvilly A/P Ramayah

Academic Qualification

  • Master Of Economics, University Of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Bachelor Of Economics (Hons), University Of Malaya, Malaysia

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Economics, Business And Management, Economic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory

Research Interest

  • Financial Economics, Economics Quality of Life, International Economy and Trade


  • The Macroeconomic Determinants of Environmental Degradation: A Dynamic Panel Estimation Study of the Environmental Kuznets Curve for Carbon Emissions (ISI-Indexed), Mining of Mineral Deposits - Article in Journals
  • The Determinants of Inflation: An ASEAN Perspective, Taylor s Business Review - Article in Journals


  • An Assessment on Attachment to World Heritage Site: A Case Study of Lenggong Valley, Hulu Perak, Malaysia,  Co-researcher2020 to 2022, National
  • Detailed design of Perak integrated river basin phase 1 - Lenggong flood mitigation plan phase 1, Hulu district,  Co-researcher2020, Private
  • The macroeconomic determinants of environmental degradation: A dynamic panel estimation study of the environmental Kuznet's curve for carbon emissions,  Project Leader2018 to 2019, Taylor's University
  • Investigating the antecedents of happiness among university students in Malaysia: A structural equation modeling approach,  Co-researcher2018 to 2019, Taylor's University
  • Effectiveness of peer mentorship program in private universities in Malaysia,  Co-researcher2016 to 2017, Taylor's University

Awards and Stewardship

  • International University Carnival on E-Learning (IEUCL) 2021 "Leading Innovation Towards Digitalized Community", Competition, Ministry of Higher Education, Creativity , 2021

Paper Presented

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