Dr Mohsen Marjani

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science), UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Master of Science, MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Science, ISLAMIC AZAD UNIVERSITY, Islamic Republic of Iran

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Information, Computer And Communication Technology (Ict), Machine Learning, Machine Learning
  • Information, Computer And Communication Technology (Ict), Internet of Things , IoT
  • Information, Computer And Communication Technology (Ict), Big Data, Big Data Analytics
  • Information, Computer And Communication Technology (Ict), Database Technology, Database
  • Information, Computer And Communication Technology (Ict), Information Systems, Management Information System

Research Interest

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  • Social Profiling: A Review, Taxonomy and Challenges (ISI-Indexed), Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking - Article in Journals
  • MapReduce scheduling algorithms: a review, The Journal of Supercomputing - Article in Journals
  • Multi-objective scheduling of MapReduce jobs in big data processing (ISI-Indexed), Multimedia Tools and Applications - Article in Journals
  • Measuring transaction performance based on storage approaches of Native XML database (ISI-Indexed), Measurement - Article in Journals
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Comparative Study, ICACCA2018 Conference - Article in Journals
  • A Study on Detection and Monitoring of Water Quality and Flow, 12th International Conference on Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science and Statistics (MACS), IEEE - Article in Journals
  • Big IoT Data Analytics: Architecture, Opportunities, and Open Research Challenges (ISI-Indexed), IEEE ACCESS - Article in Journals
  • A survey of big data management: taxonomy and state-of-the-art (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Network and Computer Applications - Article in Journals


  • Application of Data Mining Method Based on Deep Learning in CRM: A Case Study,  Sub-Project Leader2018 to 2020, Private
  • Modeling and Analysis of State-Of-The-Art Deep Learning Models for Big Data Analytics,  Co-researcher2018 to 2019, Taylor's University
  • Modelling and visualization of air pollution and its impact on health,  Co-researcher2017 to 2020, Taylor's University

Awards and Stewardship

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Paper Presented

  • A Data Science Methodology for Internet-of-Things, Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication & Automation (ICACCA 2018) (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 26/10/2018 to 28/10/2018