Dr Chou Pui May

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, Malaysia
  • Master of Science (Materials Engineering), UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Materials Engineering, UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA, Malaysia

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Material Sciences, Advanced Materials, Bio-Compatible Materials
  • Engineering Sciences, Materials Engineering And Metallurgy, Nano Materials

Research Interest

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Biopolymers and Biocomposites
  • Nanotechnology in Water Purification


  • Review on the Synthesis Methods of Nano-Tungsten Oxide Dihydrate Colloid (SCOPUS-Indexed), Review on the Synthesis Methods of Nano- Tungsten Oxide Dihydrate Colloid - Article in Journals
  • Development of Thermally Responsive PolyNIPAm Microcarrier for Application of Cell Culturing Part I: A Feasibility Study (ISI-Indexed), Polymers - Article in Journals
  • Effectiveness of using different mechanical methods for extraction of nanocellulose from kapok husk (SCOPUS-Indexed), AIP Conference Proceedings - Article in Journals
  • Enhanced Scaffold Fabrication Techniques for Optimal Characterization - Book Chapter
  • Influence of Temperature Reaction for the CdSe TiO2 anotube Thin Film Formation via Chemical Bath Deposition in improving the Photoelectrochemical Activity (ISI-Indexed), Materials - Article in Journals
  • Effect of Coupling Agent Content on Properties of Composites Made From Polylactic Acid and Chrysanthemum Waste, Journal of Vinyl Additive Technology - Article in Journals
  • Properties of Poly(lactic acid)/Durian Husk Fiber Biocomposites: Effects of Fiber Content and Processing Aid (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials - Article in Journals
  • Controlled Synthesis of Well-Aligned and Highly Ordered TiO2 Nanotubes Without Bundling for Enhanced Solar-Powered Photoelectrochemical Responses (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - Article in Journals
  • CdSe/TiO2 nanotubes for enhanced photoelectrochemical activity under solar illumination: Influence of soaking time in CdSe bath solution (ISI-Indexed), Chemical Physics Letters - Article in Journals
  • Production and Characterization of Nanocellulose from Chrysanthemum Stem - Article in Proceeding
  • Conceptual Design of a Compact Integrated Tire Rim Storage and Retrieval System - Article in Proceeding
  • Numerical Analysis on Suspended Load at Taylor s University, Proceedings of the International Engineering Research Conference - Article in Proceeding
  • Numerical Analysis on Suspended Load at Taylor s University (SCOPUS-Indexed), IJPAM - Article in Journals
  • Conceptual design of a compact integrated tyre rim storage and retrieval system (SCOPUS-Indexed), IJPAM - Article in Journals
  • Photocatalytic Reduction of Aqueous Mercury (II) Using Hybrid WO3-TiO2 Nanotubes Film (ISI-Indexed), Current Nanoscience - Article in Journals
  • Investigation of Heat Treatment Effect on the As-Anodized TiO2 Thin Film (SCOPUS-Indexed), EURECA - Article in Journals
  • Evaluation of the flexural properties and bioactivity of bioresorbable PLLA/PBSL/CNT and PLLA/PBSL/TiO2 nanocomposites (ISI-Indexed), Composites: Part B - Article in Journals
  • Effect of secondary forces in the compatibility of two incompatible biodegradable polymers (ISI-Indexed), POLYMER BULLETIN - Article in Journals
  • Changes in the crystallinity and mechanical properties of poly(L-lactic acid)/poly(butylene succinate-co-L-lactate) blend with annealing process (ISI-Indexed), POLYMER BULLETIN - Article in Journals
  • The properties of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) bone cement filled with titania and hydroxyapatite fillers (ISI-Indexed), Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering - Article in Journals


  • Turning agricultural waste into nanocellulose via enzymatic extraction technique,  Project Leader2018 to 2019, Taylor's University
  • Variable-sized point cloud stitching,  Co-researcher2017 to 2019, Taylor's University
  • Preparation and characterisations of agricultural waste filled polylactic acid biocomposites for biodegradable disposable plastic product,  Co-researcher2017 to 2019, Taylor's University

Awards and Stewardship

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Paper Presented

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