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    Faculty of Business & Law
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  •   saeed.sharif@taylors.edu.my

Associate Professor Dr Saeed Pahlevansharif

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Business), TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY, Malaysia
  • Master of Business Administration, MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY, Malaysia
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, AMIRKABIR UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, -

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Economics, Business And Management, Finance, Psychology of financial planning

Research Interest

  • Financial planning and health care financing using the methods and theories of psychology.


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  • The role of heuristics in price cognition,  Co-researcher2019 to 2021, International
  • Exploring the effects of emotional climate in enhancing financial literacy among Malaysian university students: Emotional connectedness and financial decisions,  Co-researcher2018, Taylor's University
  • Asian Food Barometer,  Co-researcher2017 to 2022, Taylor's University
  • The antecedents of retirement preparedness: Are Malaysians personally and financially prepared for their Golden Years?,  Co-researcher2017 to 2021, Taylor's University

Awards and Stewardship

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Paper Presented

  • Comparison between Muslims and Non-Muslims Satisfaction Towards Islamic Banks in Malaysia By Using Servqual and Carter Model, , International Islamic Finance Conference (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 02/02/2010 to 03/02/2010
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  • SERVCON: Scale Development and Empirical Test In Upscale Hotels In Surabaya, , 12th Asia Pacific Chrie (ApacCHRIE) Conference (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 21/05/2014 to 24/05/2014
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