Curriculum Vitae


Professor Dr Moses Stephens Gunams Samuel

  • Senior Research Fellow

  • School of Education
    Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management
  •    5629 5463


Moses Samuel is Professor in the School of Education, Taylor's University.  Prior to joining Taylor's University he was, until his retirement,  Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya.  He holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University.  His research interests cover language policy, Language and Literacy Education,  Discourse Analysis, and TESOL Teacher Education.  

His recent publications include Education in Malaysia: Challenges and Developments (2017) (co-edited with Tee, M.Y. and Symaco, L), published by Springer.  He has published in Cambridge Journal of Education, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, Discourse Studies and Asia-Pacific Journal of Education,

  • Professor I, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, 18/09/2017 to 17/09/2019
  • Doctor of Education, HARVARD UNVERSITY, United States
  • Master of Education, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons), UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Diploma in Education, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Teacher Education (TESOL, Language and Literacy Education, Sociolinguistics, Language Policies, Discourse Analysis)
(Research Area)
  • Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • Language and Literacy Education, Language Policies
(Title of publication in APA style)
  • Samuel, M., Tee, M.Y & Symaco, L. (Eds.) (2017). Education in Malaysia: Developments and Challenges. Singapore: Springer (doi:10.1007/978-981-10-4427-4)
Book Chapter
  • Samuel, M & Tan, S.Y. (2020, accepted). Ethics of Representation and Negotiating Research Relations. In Dominik Rumlich & Zuwati Hasim (Eds.) Research Ethics in Empirical Practice. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press.
Article in Journals
  • Taat, S., Samuel, M.S.G, Rasoolimanesh, S.M. & Ponniah, L.S (2020). Development and Validation of Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety Scale in light of Facilitative and Debilitative Anxiety. Applied Linguistics Research Journal, 4 (4), 1-29 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Lee, H., & Samuel, M. (2020). Decentralised centralism: insights from a Malaysian cluster school of excellence. Journal Of International And Comparative Education (JICE), 29-43. DOI:10.14425/jice.2020.9.1.0913 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Jan, A., Samuel, M. S., & Shafiq, A. (2020). Pedagogical practices of languages other than English teachers: A case study of a Malaysian private university. Malaysian Journal of Learning & Instruction, 17(1), 77-99. (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Khan, M.H & Samuel, M. (2020). Crossings: A Journal of English Studies. 11 (1) 225-241
  • Sathasivam, R, Samuel, M., Mohd Noor, N.,Tee, M.Y.,& Leong, K.E. (2018). "Assessment for Learning: Espoused and Enacted Practices of Malaysian Teachers." Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. 26 (3) (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Samuel, M (2018). Review: Languages in the Malaysian Education System: Monolingual Strands in Multilingual Settings. Journal of International and Comparative Education (ISI Web of Science Emerging Journal) 17 (2), 127-128 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Talukder, A.A. & Samuel, M. (2017). Problematizing problematization: Insights from critical pedagogy in a writing lesson in Bangladesh. Cambridge Journal of Education. (DOI: 10.1080/0305764X.2017.1288699) 1-14 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Tee, M.Y., Samuel, M., Norjoharuddeen, M.N., Renuka, V.S. & Hutkemri (2018). Classroom Practice and the Quality of Teaching: Where is a Nation Going?. Journal of International and Comparative Education. 17 (1), 17-33 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Tan, S.Y.,Tee, M.Y. & Samuel, M. (2017). Persistent monologicality amidst variation in teachersā€™ questioning practices in Malaysian English language classrooms. The Journal of Asia TEFL. 14 (4): 621-37. (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Xianwei, G., Asmawi, A., & Samuel, M. (2017). Critical Peer Feedback for Business English Writing through Qzone Blogs: A Mechanism among Chinese Undergraduates. GEMA OnlineĀ® Journal of Language Studies, 17(1) (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Jerome, C & Samuel, M (2017). 'Not Quite What it Seems": Rethinking the Way We View Teachers' Beliefs and Practices -- A Case Study of a Malaysian ESL Teacher. 3L:The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies. 23 (4), 1-14 (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Tee, M.Y., Samuel, M., Norjoharudeen, M.N. & Nadarajan, S. (2016). A methodological approach for researching national classroom practices. Journal of International and Comparative Education. 5(1) 1-17. (ISI-Indexed)
  • Kamalizad, J & Samuel, M. (2016). The Role of EFL/ESL Settings in Using Language Learning Strategies. Asian EFL Journal, 18 (1): 75-1089 (SCOPUS-Indexed)
(Project title),(Role),(Duration),(Level)
  • Integrated Model for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) for Community Resilience, Co-researcher, 2021 to 2024 (National)
  • Towards a Theory of Situated Indigenous Literacy and Numeracy Practices: Case of the Temuan Community, Project Leader, 2020 to 2023 (National)
  • Rejuvenating forgotten waterfront settlements in Malaysia, with specific reference to the Royal Town of Klang, Co-researcher, 2017 to 2021 (Taylor's University)
(Title of Thesis),(Name of Candidates),(Academic Level),(Role)
  • SHIMA TAAT  (Main Supervisor)
  • SHOMICHA SULTANA  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • MAHA NOAMAN HASAN ALSHORBAJI  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • LEE SHEH WUI  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • THANAKORN SEALIM  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • ANBAREEN JAN  (Main Supervisor)
  • ALICE VOON KIAN CHING  (Main Supervisor)
  • VINORRA A/P SHAKER  (Main Supervisor)
  • WANG CANCAN  (Main Supervisor)
  • ZHOU FENGMING  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • SHAO WENQIA  (Main Supervisor)
  • SHAO WENQIA  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • TAN LEI  (Main Supervisor)
  • ZHONG YI  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • LIU YAN  (Main Supervisor)
  • BIJU MATHEW  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • ZUO DAN  (Main Supervisor)
  • LIU BIN  (Main Supervisor)
  • CHEN YING  (Main Supervisor)
  • OON CHONG LING  (Co-supervisor (Internal))
  • R. THARANI A/P RAMASAMY  (Main Supervisor)
(Title),(Event),(Date Presented),(Organiser),(Level)
  • Varghese, M., Samuel, M & Letchamanan. "Discourses of space among urban poor children in Malaysia", Salzburg Conference in Interdisciplinary Poverty Research: Space and Poverty, University of Salzburg, Austria, 13/09/2018 to 14/10/2018, University of Salzburg, Austria (International)
  • Letchamanan, H, Samuel, M & Varghese, M. " "Urban poverty and schooling -- Narratives of youth in Malaysia>", Salzburg Conference in Interdisciplinary Poverty Research: Space and Poverty., 13/09/2018 to 14/09/2018, University of Salzburg, Austria (International)
  • Rethinking the SOL in TESOL: Bridging English and Other Languages, 53rd RELC International Conference on 50 Years of English Language Teaching and Assessment -- Reflections, Insights and Possibilities (12-14 March 2018, Singapore), 12/03/2018 to 14/03/2018, SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization) RELC (Regional Language Centre (International)